From the desk of the Chairman:

Education is the most powerful tool to enrich one's personality and also to inculcate positive changes in the society. It is the only medium that enables us to move from darkness to brightness. I strongly believe that education system is most influential factor to drive forward our nation's prosperity and economic well-being. Since the progress of a nation depends on efficient maintenance of law and order, timely dispensation of justice, and strong support of the judiciary to empower governance, PSIT College of Law is committed to train and develop keen young minds to fulfill the role-requirements of dedicated jurisprudence and bureaucratic personnel in the country. With a rigorous exercise in moot courts, debates, legal aid cell and field visits, besides the thorough curriculum of theoretical subjects pertaining to law, the students become battle-ready to take on the challenges of various dimensions of social justice.

It is indeed very satisfying to witness that the institute has carved a name for itself in the academic scenario of the country. We aim at establishing bench marks in academic excellence and holistic grooming of our students to meet the career challenges in the increasingly globalized economic conditions. PSIT College of Law is committed to foster the pursuits of individual excellence and significant participation in full range of multi-dimensional activities. We believe that quality education is a gateway of golden opportunities to lead a life of dignity & prosperity. We thus leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to provide state of art infrastructure and best possible facilities to our students, members of faculty, and staff.

PSIT College of Law focuses on all round development of its students. Over the years, the Institute has turned into a happening place because of its enviable placement record and unbelievable performance in academic, research, co-curricular and extra-curricular fields. We feel proud of our faculty and students who have won laurels for us in various facets of professional life and established new bench marks for others to achieve.

Students should always have their education laced with morality and ethics. We should all remember that, "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom" and we should inculcate honesty and integrity in all what we do. I earnestly hope and trust that esteemed academicians and budding management professionals and technocrats of PSIT College of Law will continue to work with sincerity, honesty and dedication and thereby contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

Mr. Pranveer Singh

Shivani Kapoor


From the Desk of Director PSITCOL
"Let a thousand flower bloom" - this was a clarion call from Mao ushered in the biggest Cultural Revolution the world has seen. PSIT College of Law has embarked on similar mission which would change the paradigm of education.

PSIT College of Law is all encompassing educational platform for diverse fields of career in the legal industry. Since its inception in the year 2018, PSIT College of Law has been the hallmark of quality education and excellent placements. It has redefined the contours and contents of education through its close interface with industry and businesses which enables its students to match with the best in the domestic and global arena. The pedagogy at PSIT College of Law is a well-designed combination of lectures, case discussions, hands on computers, experiential learning, industry interaction and peer learning. The education pedagogies adopted by the institute encourages independent thinking, and help the students develop a holistic perspective towards education, with strong domain knowledge and robustly positive attitude. Specifically, the active conduction of moot courts helps the budding lawyers actively discover their acumen for legal argumentation and courtroom oratory--all within a simulated court scene. Also, there is a pro bono service platform-the Legal Aid Cell, that gives exposure to the students to work with under-privileged sections of the society in getting legal guidance. The platform not only provides a hands-on field-experience to the students, but also inculcates a sense of ethical and moral responsibility towards the society-which is a seminal element in the development of a conscientious legal professional.

It has a unique and innovative approach to education, that focuses on providing the right knowledge, imparting the right skills for enduring success in career and shaping the right attitude. It provides students the opportunity to tap their unique strengths and capabilities and develop themselves in well-developed personalities ready for a successful career.

Highly motivated, passionate, analytical human capital is the pivot of "the knowledge economy". The PSIT College of Law has one of the best intellectual capital of motivated and research- focused experienced faculty members with an outstanding academic background, and potential to excel in research.

Life at PSIT College of Law has always been a melange of different hues: A blend of academic that thrives with extracurricular engagements. It is an experience that metamorphosizes an individual completely.

You can look forward to the journey of transformation towards excellence. Wishing you a very happy time ahead!!!

Dr. Shivani Kapoor