Moot Court


Moot Court

“The Practice of the Law is a perfectly distinct art”
Frederick Pollock

The exercise of mooting is an integral part of any law curriculum. Mooting offers students the opportunities to undertake dedicated and meticulous research work; practice their court craft; and gain a first-hand experience of the process of dispute-settlement. PSIT COL believes in the holistic development of students, focussing not only on the academic front but also on other practical aspects. As a part of academic exercise regular moot court classes are conducted in two levels—basic and advanced. Moot court activity involves allotment of mentors to each team wherein the minute detail of mooting is taught to students in order to encourage participation in the Intra and inter level Moot Court Competitions. This platform is provided by PSIT to the students, so that they get a wider exposure; accord their talent; gain perspective; and eventually become industry relevant and future ready. College of Law has a well-equipped library to assist the students in the research work. It also has a separate Moot Court Hall which is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for conduction of Moot Court competition. The ambience of COL Moot Court hall, with properly arranged podiums; statue of Lady Justice; images of the Preamble of the Constitution, etc. is itself an important factor in encouraging students to partake of it through Moot Court participations. What is Moot Court? A moot court is an extracurricular mock court activity compulsorily conducted at law schools, wherein students participate in simulated court proceedings. It usually involves drafting of briefs (memorials) and participating in oral argumentation. It is a proactive method of learning law and honing legal skills, as it requires the students to analyse and argue a hypothetical legal issue from both sides. It does not involve actual testimony by witnesses or presentation of evidence, but is based solely on the application of law and drawing of precedents over fabricated legal issues. Consequently, it boosts the oratory skills and over-all personality of the students immensely.

How Moot Court is conducted at PSIT COL?

  • Ist level is conducted in the first two semesters of Course.
  • Orientation and introduction to moot court through videos, PPTs, specific classes.
  • Allotment of Legal topics for podium discussion & class presentation.
  • Allotment of case laws for analysis.
  • Develop oratory skills and boost confidence level.
  • IInd level is carried out from third semester onwards till last semester.
  • Creation of moot teams; allotment of mentors for each team.
  • Drafting of memorials; oral pleadings.
  • Participation in National Moot Court Competitions.
  • Separate session for doubt clearance to understand the scope of improvement in the participating teams.

Thus, PSIT COL is continuously involved in training the students through moot court sessions, in order to make them aware of proper application of law in real world, as well as to inculcate the etiquettes of the Court.